Monday, April 21, 2014

Player Profile: Dusan Langura

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Dusan Langura

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Height:  6'4"
Weight: 210
Position:  G
Year:  RS Freshman
Role:  Sneak Attack
2013-14 Points/Rebounds/Assists Per Game:  0/0/0

Overview: When you look at Dusan Langura's 2013-14 stats, you may not be very impressed.  The box score has him playing a single minute in a single game without accumulating any numbers at all.  Not even a measly foul.

Then you dig further, and you realize he did it after being blown up.  By a bomb.

Ok, ok.  So the minute played was a mirage.  It never actually happened.  Just a slip of some statistician's finger while trying to keep up with a game.

The reality is that it is hard to know what to expect from Langura this season.  Just coming back from injuries like the one he suffered is impressive enough.  We know the kid has measurables, and we know he can shoot the lights out from three.  The question is whether or not he is healthy enough to really contribute this season.

Expectations:  Dusan is going to have to earn his minutes, and those minutes may be hard to come by.  Kenny Gaines and Juwan Parker are going to eat up most of Georgia's minutes at the 2, which is where Langura seems likeliest to play.  In my projections, I have him averaging 1.5 minutes per game, which may even be a little high.

His best bet is to shoot so well that he can't be ignored.  In college especially, you can never have enough kids capable of shooting the long ball.  Dusan has to be the guy who comes in and nails a corner three or two before the opposing coach finds him buried on the scouting report.  Do that, and he is guaranteed to find some minutes.

2014-15 Stats I Could Get Excited About:  .6/0/.1 points/rebounds/assists per game.

Things I Learned About Dusan From  One of his favorite TV shows is Shaqtin' a Fool, which is apparently a real thing.  This dude was valedictorian, speaks 4 languages, and watches something called Shaqtin' a Fool.  It makes me think I should be watching Shaqtin' a Fool.

Let's go Dusan, and let's go Dawgs!


  1. In college, 6'4, 210 is big enough for SF if he can play strong enough. With a year redshirting, he should be able to play in both spots in Fox's offense, it's just a matter of finding a place defensively. We've had some decent perimeter depth helping walk-ons before with most recently McPhee and Corey Butler, but also going back to Richard Wehunt and Mike Patrick. If he can be a combo of Wehunt (or McPhee) offensively and Patrick defensively, I'd be ecstatic. But then that sort of combo probably isn't a walk on either.

    1. Wehunt is actually the guy who came to mind as I was writing this. He did one thing, but he did it well enough to get minutes.

      However, you very eloquently captured my thoughts as I was writing this: "...that sort of combo probably isn't a walk on either." I hope he can become a guy who gives us meaningful minutes...I just don't think it will be this season.